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Your success is our success. We employ this mantra in each of our processes.  If the SEO or Social Media is not working for you, we want to find out why and how to make it work better.

No contracts…ever.

Once again, not to be repetitive, if it isn’t working then why would you want a contract!   We are not the yellow pages of ages gone by, we are a success driven, results-oriented company – why do you think we chose the name Spartan?

our clients

“Thanks for going above and beyond in marketing my website, you have made this process easier to understand and trained me along the way so that I can market online myself!” – John K.

“Spartan has been an excellent help for us. We have daily Google calls from new clients because of Spartan Websites online marketing.” -Tina AllState Insurance Agency Owner

“You guys ROCK! It is as simple as that.” -Haley R.

“I just received two calls on my website that said they found me online, so glad I decided to go with Spartan for SEO out of all the options out there.  Thank you for making the process easy and I will continue to use you.” – Bronson L.  

“Number One is so many categories!!! They should have a ranking system for SEO experts so everyone on the planet knows how good you are.” – Ned Jacobs.  


img-thingHow you do anything is how you DO EVERYTHING.

noun_14850_ccSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you get found on the internet. Simply put, your website needs specific keywords to be able to show up in the right spot on the right page for optimal business. Our team here at Spartan Websites will help you do this with our experts who are ready to give your business a comprehensive analysis for free.


David Evans

David Evans

Managing Partner

After a 10 year military career as a C5 Loadmaster (yes, he chose the name Spartan), David brings precision and discipline to the entire team. Keeping everyone on target, managing the processes, making the reports effective and of course making sure everyone on the team gets paid so that they can keep working for you. He has a dying passion for helping the small business be successful and he brings this to the battlefield every day.

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Founder and CEO

Michelle was doing SEO before Google was even a search engine, so you can imagine her knowledge base. Over her 15 years in SEO, she has worked with all our clients to try to make them reach their full website potential, from million dollar monthly revenue websites to the small local business that sells cupcakes. She has a passion and talent for keeping things in perspective while watching the bottom line grow. She has been on numerous Google panels, she is certified in both analytics and Adwords – don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor, Michelle is the head Spartan of the team.

Shafaq Omair

Shafaq Omair

Lead Web Architect, Designer and Developer

We like to call Shafaq our secret weapon. She has more than seven years experience in designing, maintaining, structuring and finalizing websites and their many aspects. She likes to come up with new ideas for all our websites and uses coffee as her fuel. Beware – she can get very techie.

Sara Gunn

Sara Gunn

Social Media Strategist

Sara came to Spartan Websites with ten years of experience in customer service supporting Fortune 100 company executives. Sara spent her 20’s traveling the world, giving of herself, completing her education, and working with Social Media. Marketing experience in Ghana and Thailand, makes her well rounded. Sara even found time to become a published author. She can’t wait to show you results.

Christiano Ferraro

Christiano Ferraro

Management Consultant

Christiano Ferraro is a management consultant based in Dallas, Texas. His past career spanned over ten years in sales including a VP of Sales role at a start-up taking a B2C product from 0 to 150k in revenue within four months. He currently consults start-ups and small businesses globally with clients in areas including: Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada and US nationwide.

Laura Hogan

Laura Hogan

Office Manager

Laura is a rockstar project manager with years of managing inbound marketing and website campaigns under her belt.  Her main priority is not just getting things done, but getting the right things done with attention to detail. Her nickname is Cat Herder! She has worked in B2B and B2C and is ready and willing to help manage your next project.


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Auxiliary Office – HC 74 Box 833 Pecos NM, 87552


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