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Death Services Industry Case Study

Florida Family Funeral Home serves Eastern Florida and has relied heavily on referrals and the yellow pages for years. FFF knew its customer base was becoming more tech-savvy, and they would have to have a superior online presence to get their attention.


FFF literally took matters into their own hands. They brainstormed “phrases or search terms” that their perfect client would type into a web browser, seeking assistance with an issue FFF could solve. They decided the fastest way to get the attention of the people searching the web was to create an AdWords account. FFF set up their own AdWords account with a budget of $5,000 per month. This effort resulted in 10-12 confirmed client calls. This means that AdWords was working, however, FFF felt something was off. The cost for each call (or website visit) turned out to be $300-$500 per call! The owner of FFF knew Michelle and her company Spartan Websites because she is currently managing other successful marketing campaigns for him.


Michelle started with a full audit of Florida Family Funeral’s “online presence.” This included accessing detailed information about how effective their website was at converting leads. She also performed a full audit of the AdWords account setup, and even researched the exact “phrases and search terms” that potential clients would use when they needed services that FFF provides. The solution was based on real data from Google, not guesswork.


After uncovering devastating facts about how FFF had missed the mark in several ways, Michelle scheduled a meeting to show them how she and her carefully selected team (takes special people to keep up with Michelle) could improve every aspect of their online marketing efforts. The most immediate concern was the $18,000 in completely useless ad spend due to the improper setup of the AdWords campaign. AdWords is not friendly to those not well versed in the default settings because of pitfalls automatically built into the system. Examples of these pitfalls can be found by watching the video case study on this page.


Spartan’s Advanced Google AdWords strategy increased FFF’s call volume to 26 calls per month with the same budget. FFF typically closes 75% of incoming calls and an increase in calls means an increase in income. Furthermore, working with Spartan Websites has easily paid for itself with the $18,000 saved by the correct setup and management. Now FFF’s incoming lead volume is much greater and predictable, allowing for more efficient staffing and more accurate long-term planning.

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AdWords can be a no-brainer, like a slot machine that wins every time you drop money in. However, this is true only when you know how to program the machine. Spartan is certified, experienced and knows how to make that program work for the client.

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