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Tools for Business Success

As we serve our clients, we encounter a variety of opportunities that often result in some form of integrated solution. This requires us to gather data objectively in order to drive informed decision making pushing us to discriminate tools in a number of areas.

Consider these no cost tools below:

Email Marketing Tools

Email Subject Line Verification Tool --- This tool checks the and rates the marketing success of your subject line when sending out an email, we love funnel marketing!

Website optimization

Webpage Load Speed Test --- This tool provides information to help understand and perfect the speed of your website. What we love about this SEO tool is the summary section where it provides an overview of the different areas that slow down page speed (images, javascript, css, html, font) and breaks it down for you graphically, so that your developer can fix and address the individual issues.

Spartan Websites Strategy
Image Compressor — This tool provides a means to compress your images in either a loss-less (no data lost) or lossy (data lost in exchange for smaller file size). We find the ability to compare a before and after with a scrolling cursor really helps to evaluate the trade-off between image quality and file size quite nicely. Upload, conversion in seconds and download from the same page is how it works.
Website optimization
Keyword Rank Checker — This tool provides insight regarding your ranking for a specific keyword. We prefer using this tool since by typing your domain, it will comb through all your pages and identify the one best ranked on your site in relation to the keyword entered. Very user friendly!
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Google Webmaster Tools — This tool provides the necessary control to add site ownership, web address variations and your sitemap to Google. Verifying your site, submitting it to be crawled by Google and reporting on broken links Google has found can all be found here. Keep in mind this is linked to your Google+ account.

Link Checker Tool — This plugin to chrome allows you to verify all links on a given web page (whether yours or someone else) right from a browser. Think of this tool as the spellchecker for web links which highlights any broken links you may otherwise miss.

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Cognitive SEO Backlink Checker Tool — This tool provided by Cognitive SEO provides immense insight into the links pointing to your website. Even the free version (free use up to once per day) provides visibility in terms of source, importance, date and connected page. We have tried over a dozen backlink tools and this one tops them all.

digital marketing company

Backlinko(On-Page SEO) — When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime.

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RSS Feed Validation Service — This tool evaluates the errors present in your RSS feed. This can be critical when uploading any form of audio or video to the ITunes store which is done via an RSS feed. We have found this tool easily identifies any problems ahead of time saving countless hours trying to troubleshoot any problems.

Online marketing company
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