6 Great Benefits Of WooCommerce For Your Online Business

Oct 22, 2020

Opening and operating an online business can be stressful and complicated. An online business has many moving parts to keep up and running. Building an easy to use and user-friendly website is an essential factor in your business’ success, and WooCommerce is here to give you the proven results and the support that you need. WooCommerce is an extension to WordPress, one of the most popular website hosts among online sellers and shops. Here are just some of the many benefits of WooCommerce for online business.

1. Packaged to Fit Your Needs

WooCommerce has many available plans and packages based on shop performance, order volume, and business needs. Starting from a free extension for sellers just getting used to online business, all the way up to packages made and distributed by supported third parties for shops with volumes of up to 10,000 orders per hour. WooCommerce makes it easy to bolster your online image, and harness the tools that they have collected through years of digital marketing and selling, all for a fraction of the cost of using a private web designer.

2. Customizable Templates 

In a time where almost everything depends on a consumer’s first impression, the design of your business webpage can make or break the conversion from a browsing consumer to repeat customers. WooCommerce makes it simple to choose and customize a website style that fits your shop the best. Themes made by WooCommerce are free, and there are deluxe options designed by supported third parties that can be purchased as well. You can even switch between themes easily, so you can truly find your best design fit. These designs and changes would be expensive if done through a private web designer, but WooCommerce has your budget in mind. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a vital tool used in online marketing for digital business. Essentially, SEO uses keywords and phrases to get your products and websites in front of your target audience by analyzing what they search for when they are shopping. SEO is imperative for online sales and can be a lot of work to properly analyze the performance of the chosen keywords, and make adjustments accordingly. WooCommerce has SEO technology available built into their WordPress extension, making this aspect of digital marketing simple and easily accessible. 

4. Your Store is Truly Yours

Using a third-party eCommerce website such as Amazon, Etsy, ect., can have its advantages, and may seem like the best option when starting an online store. Unfortunately, at the end of the day in order to use these platforms, you are agreeing to their terms and ultimately paying them for the experience. While hosting your web page with WooCommerce, your site truly belongs to you and you alone. This allows you to build a recognizable and reputable brand for your business and not be associated with third-party sellers. Using these platforms can be useful as a backup or to help reach more of your target audience, but your main storefront should belong to you. 

5. Manage Orders With Ease

Whether your online shop is relatively small and has a few orders per hour or a powerhouse that pumps through over 10,000 orders a day, WooCommerce gives you a detailed and organized overview of orders and sales. They have tools such as,

  • Customer accounts and guest checkout, giving your customers the option to register their email with your shop and sign in when returning. Or, allowing them to check out as a guest, giving them the option to make a registered account if they wish, or stay anonymous. 
  • One-click refunds, making returns, or canceled orders easy as one step.
  • Inventory management gives you a clear and concise summary of your inventory, giving you a simple way to input, manage, and review whenever you want to.
  • Order management allows you to make customer notes, mark items as shipped, and communicate any other aspect of the fulfillment process.
  • Email templates to alert registered customers of sales, promotions, order notifications, or any other email you may need to reach out to your customers.
  • Add shop managers to help with inventory, fulfillment, or any other duties you can delegate to someone else to take care of, and still allow them access to the functions and features of the site. 

6. The Tools to Sell More

At the end of the day, the goal of all of these features is to equip your shop with the tools to sell, sell, sell. WooCommerce has features specially designed to bolster your online sales and take your business to the next level. Using SEO techniques, you can get your products right to your target audience through search engines. Once they are in your online shop, your website can suggest other related products to keep them engaged in your business. You can also specially curate coupons and promotion codes for your repeat customers, or use them to draw in new ones. Highlight important products on your web page, such as related products, recently viewed, or featured products on any page within your website. You can manage and easily view all of these sales details on an organized dashboard to review the success of your shop with ease. 

The Best Tools for Your Business, For Less. 

WooCommerce offers more tools and features in one place for free than you will find anywhere else. From marketing to the sales organization, to web design, WooCommerce keeps all of the essential business tools in one, easy to use place. All of these services through private vendors can cost you a fortune, and even then you do not have access to things like unlimited theme changes, email templates, etcetera. You can make your WooCommerce experience work for you, whether you stick with their free services and templates, or choose to buy third party extensions or themes, you are in complete control. WooCommerce keeps your business organized, your sales growth, and the management of your business stress-free. 

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