7 Black Friday Internet Marketing Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

Oct 29, 2020

Black Friday is a shopping tradition that has only grown stronger in recent years, both in-store and online. In 2019, over 93.2 million shoppers turned to digital shopping for their deal search, and online shops made a record $7.4 billion in digital sales. Given the climate of 2020, we can only believe that this holiday season, that record will be broken once again. Black Friday internet marketing will make or break your business’ success in this upcoming holiday sales blitz, so here are 7 crucial tips to set you apart from the competition. 

1. Make a Content Calendar 

When it comes to marketing campaigns, organization is key. Preparing a content calendar to visually organize when certain campaigns will begin and end will give you a clear and simple way to keep track of the performance and reach of each. This also gives you a clear picture of what will be live, where, and when, that way you don’t end up with duplicate or competing ads. Content calendars also give your marketing team a clear picture of due dates, start dates, and end dates, so they can plan your campaign confidently and accurately. With the holiday season, and especially Black Friday, it can begin to feel overwhelming if your organization skills aren’t a top priority. Most Black Friday shoppers begin their shopping before the event actually begins, based on deals and promotions they see in advertisements, so the earlier you have your campaigns organized and sent out, the better.

2.  Decide What Will Be on Sale

This seems self-explanatory, so allow us to elaborate. Making decisions on what your promotions and sales will be in advance allows you to get the word out about the upcoming deals by push notifications, emails, etcetera. Dictate what items you are able to discount, what items you are not, and what items you want to sell the most of. The goal of discounting is to encourage higher sales, not to lose money by discounting your entire inventory. Be strategic about what you put on sale, and what you leave full price. Consider the items you think will sell in high numbers if discounted, the items that consumers will see as valuable, and will be excited to find at a discounted price. 

3. Make Sure Your Website is Prepared for the Traffic

Studies show that more than 50% of visitors will leave a site if it is running slowly. Even if your webpage has never experienced these issues, remember the goal of Black Friday is to draw a large number of customers in a short period of time. Not checking the speed of your website can cost you HALF of your projected sales! It is a simple step that can be done early to ensure your Black Friday sales go off without a hitch. The faster your shop loads, the more sales you will see. Walmart reported it has an increase in conversions of 2% for every second faster their website operates. 

4. Create a Black Friday Gift Guide

Gift guides are used by many businesses, big and small, for one simple reason; they work! Black Friday gift guides give your customers a clear image of what will be on sale when it comes time to launch that night. Like we said before, most dedicated Black Friday shoppers begin their shopping plans days in advance, and gift guides are their maps to navigate deals and promotions. Producing a high-quality gift guide gives your audience something to be excited about, and share with their friends and family. It also gives them the feeling of being helped or given advice on what gifts to get their loved ones this holiday season. 

5. Switch up the Deals

Doorbusters and hourly sales help to keep your audience engaged. Having a set of high-value items on discount at different times of the evening will keep traffic to your website continuous and ensures your best deals aren’t going to sell out within the first hour. You can advertise these rolling deals through email or social ads, and definitely include them in your gift-giving guide so your customers know when they can get the item they are looking for. Flash sales often have a huge success rate, usually boosting sales of around 35%! Use this technique strategically to keep your audience engaged and spending regularly throughout your event. 

6. Can’t Discount Items? Offer Free Shipping

At the end of the day, if offering sales and discounts will make you lose profits, then it is counterproductive. In order to stay in the Black Market game, you need to be able to offer your audience something in return for choosing your business over another. Free shipping is a huge incentive and is widely appreciated by consumers as a great deal. Offering free shipping will make your customers still feel like they are getting a discount, and you will still make the full profits on your inventory. It’s a win-win. 

7. Gift With Purchase 

Offering a gift with purchase to your customers is a great way to get them excited about shopping with you, and make them feel appreciated by giving you their business. You don’t have to break the bank to give things away, in fact, most GWP’s given are samples or small items that will be discontinued soon anyway. For example, if you run an online makeup business, you can give samples of other items you offer in your store, or a teaser sample of an item coming out in an upcoming item release. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to this, and though, yes, a more valuable item offered as a gift will bring more traffic, the idea of getting something free with an order at all is enough to peak interest in shopping with your business. Offering something like a percentage off coupon for their next purchase is a great way to do this as well, and not only gives them an incentive to shop with you for the event but return in the future to use their given coupon. There are so many ways to make this technique work for your business, it’s all about analyzing and finding the best fit for you. 

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