Claudia Cantu

Marketing Assistant

I’m Spartan

If you don’t live to serve others, you don’t know how to live! This is my motto and this has been my job for almost a year in Spartan Websites. I’m an expert in managing our commanders’ agenda and basically being behind the scenes of everything that is going on in the company. I love to organize and keep everything running smoothly. I am a facilitator and I enjoy doing the little tasks that help move bigger projects. If you need something from someone in the team, I’m the right person to reach!


I have 10 years of experience as an administrative assistant. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing. I’m an expert in coordinating meetings, events, conferences, and even social gatherings. Being on top of everything is what I do.

Interesting Fact

I love to teach, in fact, I worked as an ESL kindergarten teacher for a couple of years. I’m a Sunday school teacher in my local church.


I love to travel, go shopping and eat in a good restaurant.


It's time to bring out the big guns