David Evans

Business Commander

I’m Spartan

We’re the big guns, committed to the state. I’ve optimized this passionate team by imitating military airlift operations. Named it Spartan Websites because I can’t see another way to live. Marketing is a worldwide battlefield, surprisingly ripe for our domination. We ditched the fluff and specialized in our positions; we’re evaluating you. Are you standing with us or in front of us?


Can set up and manage an airfield under hostile conditions. 10 years meritorious service as a 1A271 (Aircraft Loadmaster) eventually serving in Airlift Special Ops. I enjoy exceeding expectations while contributing to business success on a local, national and global scale.

Interesting Fact

Traveled the globe many times over. Been starved and tortured for weeks.


You’re in head to toe gear, blurred vision, motorcycle weighs 230lbs, ruts, bumps, jumps, landings and rubbing elbows with 20 other riders maintaining anaerobic heart rates in bad weather while the track changes every lap. You have to be strong, stable, coordinated, efficient, ride through injury and fight for your life. That’s why; I race motocross.


It's time to bring out the big guns