Kelsey VanDeBerg

Finance Manager

I’m Spartan

Knowledge is power and that is especially true in business. Having an eye for numbers enables me to stay on top of all things financial. The more organized your financials are, the better informed you are and the better decisions you can make in regards to your business.


I have been an accountant for 13 years and have a degree in Business Economics. Finance has always been a strength of mine. I find a thrill in the checks and balances that accounting entails.

Work Ethic/Style

While I love all aspects of accounting, my favorite part is helping business owners get control of and understand the financial side of their business.

Interesting Fact

I have 3 girls and the younger 2 are identical twins. While they look very different to me, I am constantly asked by others how to tell them apart.


I like to shop, watch sports and spend time with my family.


It's time to bring out the big guns