Account Manager

I’m Spartan

Because I love to win. Your results are my own and I tirelessly build the best marketing systems and strategies to fit you and your business goals.


I operate our Google Ads accounts, spending thousands of advertising dollars daily on the Google Ads platform. Always striving and testing for the most Return On Ad Spend possible. One campaign brought one of our clients a 27X ROAS.

Work Ethic/Style

Data driven and data focused I do what works and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Interesting Fact

Google My Business is a free platform that can help you increase your revenue and your local visibility by simply asking for reviews.

Don’t neglect your reviews because a one star increase can increase your revenue by 5% to 10% and this holds true for Ecommerce.


As a digital marketing nerd I like to watch 30min+ videos from affiliate conferences for the latest and greatest information. Once a blue moon I’ll play a video game or play a card game, but my work takes up most of my time. Huge fan of the show Critical Role which is a group of voice actors who play DnD.  

It's time to bring out the big guns