Michelle Deleva

Strategy Commander

I’m Spartan

Being on the front line, feeling the pain of the client’s frustration in trying so many marketing plans that fail to produce results, I have developed a keen methodology for finding ways to make a web page work to bring leads. With 20 years experience working with Google under my belt, I have earned my rank as a key strategic component to any online initiative that needs to have Google/Search Engine traffic.


Google Analytics Certification, Google Ads Certification, SEMRush Certified, Google Webmaster, BA in Marketing

Work Ethic/Style

I can work anywhere at any time. I have at least 7 different locations around Bentonville that I go on a weekly basis to change my environment. I have a laptop that weighs less than a pound so it makes it really easy to take with me anywhere I go.

Interesting Fact

I really think that I saw an alien while living in Los Alamos, NM as a child – just ask me and I will tell you the whole story…My family is tired of hearing it.


Obsessed with cracking the Video Poker algorithm, Hiking, Riding Roller Coasters.


It's time to bring out the big guns