Tisha Nagel

Content Strategist

I’m Spartan

What makes me a spartan: While I think it’s important to stay current and know what’s happening in the industry, knowing that not everything is gonna work for everyone. You can’t be afraid to try something new that may not have a huge success. Spartans train, learn and are undaunted by a fad.


I have been a blogger for around 15 years and still love it. Telling your story and connecting with readers is key to growing a business.

Word Ethic/Style

My goal is to help small businesses have real growth. Not something that is a gimmick, but something that can truly help them. Your success means I’m doing my job well.

Interesting Fact

I have been boxing 2-3 days per week over the last couple of years. Watch out! I can throw a mean left hook.


Quilting, but don’t ask me to hem your pants.


It's time to bring out the big guns