Advantages of Digital Marketing That Every Business Owner Should Know

Sep 1, 2020

In this era of booming digital and online business, it’s important to know who your target market is, how to best reach them, and to form a long-lasting impression. Marketing is an age-old business growth tactic that uses promotion, advertisement, and analyzing engagement. Adapting your business marketing strategies to the digital world is an important way to connect with your audience and grow as a brand. No matter what your target audience is, they are most likely using the internet on a daily basis. Making impressions and connections with your audience in their daily online lives is an easy, cost-effective way to bolster your brand image and heighten conversion rates and sales. There are many tools to enhance and strengthen your business, but none as researched and accessible as the advantages of digital marketing. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Referred to also as internet marketing and e-marketing, digital marketing uses tools like social media, search engines, and other online entities to bolster your online brand and bring your business right to your target market. Most online businesses have already used some form of digital marketing, such as ads and social media accounts, but having a clear objective and understanding of who you are reaching, and why you are reaching them, is imperative to making digital marketing work to its full potential. This style of marketing works by gathering information on your target market and existing clientele, analyzing their shopping patterns, and forming reliable, organized data that can be used to curate keywords and phrases that bring new buyers to your business. Digital marketing and analytics gives your business the power and know-how to reach your target audience with little cost and effort, keep track of what works, and propel your success into the future. 

Analyze and Strategize

Analyzing any marketing effort is imperative to measure the effectiveness and reach of the campaign. Analytics is a key part of any business, and using the information learned from studying your marketing traffic can help you to better understand what your customers like and what their shopping patterns look like. Analyzing different forms of advertisements and their performances with different markets can show the effectiveness of a campaign, and give you an insight into what tactics will work best for your business. For example, in launching a social media campaign, you can use analytic tools to see which posts had the most engagement and conversion from your audience, and craft future social media posts based on those results. This will better allow you to strategize for future developments and marketing campaigns. Participating in frequent analytic audits keeps you informed and ready for the next step. Having a strong understanding of your market analytics gives you the opportunity for clear interaction with your target market, raising your conversion rate, sales numbers, and building a reliable brand. 


Search engine optimization, or SEO,  is a key factor in digital marketing and works by improving your business’ position in search results on engines like Google and Bing. By using carefully selected keywords and tags based on your market analytics, using SEO techniques can put your business name in front of thousands of potential customers. In learning what your customers like, and what they search for, you can craft unique keywords and phrases that bring them straight to your business. The key to unlocking the power of SEO marketing is knowing your target market and knowing shopping patterns related to your business. For example, a beauty company would need to know what age range they want to target their makeup to, and what products people in that age range typically buy. With this knowledge, you can specially craft hashtags and keywords relating that target market back to your website and to your product. Utilizing SEO marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing tools, and if you can learn to harness the power for your business, the benefits are immeasurable. 

Level The Playing Field

Internet marketing is the most cost-effective way to keep your business in direct competition with larger corporations. Direct mail, TV, and newspaper ads are very expensive, and small businesses often can’t keep up with the large budgets these companies are able to use. Digital marketing strategies are used by even the biggest of corporations, and if used correctly can keep your business in strong competition with them on search engines, social media, and other online services. Putting your small business on the same search results page as large competitors is a game-changer for visibility, conversion rates and repeat customers. It’s easy to feel intimidated when competing with large companies, but by using online marketing you can level the playing field and give your business the boost it needs to compete confidently, resulting in higher revenue and building brand reputation. 

Your Future Customers Are Already Online

No matter what your business offers, there is a good chance your target market customers use social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Google often. Whether it is social media, search engines, or email, your potential future buyers are using the internet every day. Putting your business at the top of search results, and making a lasting impression on social media are two ways to harness the power of the internet and reach your target market without as much effort and capital as traditional marketing campaigns. Using digital marketing strategies and knowing your target market allows you to reach them directly, and keep track of the tools that convert them into buyers effectively. With SEO techniques they are able to find your business early in their buying journey and creates the opportunity to leave a lasting and positive brand impression. Using online marketing your business reaches further, more targeted audiences and improves your understanding of what your converted buyers like. Creating digital marketing campaigns that are able to be fully analyzed gives you the power and control to determine what works for your target market, and for your business.  

Spartan Websites and Digital Marketing

Spartan Websites is ahead of the game when it comes to effective digital marketing. We have a proven track record for success that speaks for itself. If you are ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level we are ready to go into battle for you. Bring out the big guns and engage with Spartan Websites today. Let us help you crush the competition.

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