How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Benefit Your Fitness Center

Nov 18, 2020

Digital marketing; you’ve heard of it, you know it works for some businesses, but will it work for yours? You may think of digital marketing as something made specifically for online boutiques or shops, and not so much of a useful tool for businesses with a storefront that are dependent on real-life foot traffic, but you would be completely wrong. Online marketing can be highly successful in stores that mainly operate in person, boosting traffic, sales, and repeat customers.

Gyms and fitness centers are no exception, and can absolutely benefit from the growth and engagement from digital marketing and online advertisement. Finding the perfect digital marketing agency for fitness centers is imperative for growth, as there are several moving parts necessary to ensure the campaigns are performing and successful. From advertisements to the success of your website, even to your presence and engagement on social media, digital marketing has many faces that can boost your sales and signup rates. Let’s look a little more in-depth at the details and strategies of digital marketing that can be a game-changer for the fitness industry. 

Identifying Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is an essential step for any business that is getting started with digital marketing. But especially important for businesses that rely on in-person traffic. Identifying exactly who you want to target with your online campaigns, and ultimately who you want walking through your door, will help curate advertisements specifically to their interests and heighten the chances of them engaging with your online campaigns. For example, a high-end fitness center may have a target audience of men and women ages 18-35 making around 60-80k a year.

This fitness center can use targeted advertisements on high-end fitness equipment websites, higher-end clothing websites, and so on. On the other hand, a low cost, welcoming of any lifestyle gym may have a target market of ages 18-40, making anywhere from 18-50k a year. This gym may use more diversely visited webpages to host their advertisements. Using a professional marketing agency can help you identify what your specific target market is, and analyze the best strategies to engage them in your marketing content, and finally convert them to returning and loyal customers. 

Your Website is More Important Than You Think it is 

It’s no secret that these days, your business website can easily make or break your overall growth and success, and this is just as true for in-person storefronts as it is for fully online shops. Creating and maintaining your business website is imperative, and there are many factors that can determine whether or not an audience will engage with your website once they reach it. You can do all the groundwork needed to identify and target your desired market, curate special ads that tailor to their likes and shopping patterns, but if you have an outdated and underperforming website, it will all be for nothing. Studies show that it only takes consumers 0.005 seconds to form an impression of your website, and factors like page loading speed, photo quality, and loading speed, and ease of use impact this first impression.’

How does a gym fit into all of this?’, you may ask. Well, the more advanced our digital world gets, the more expectations are placed onto even the least expected businesses, like gyms and fitness centers. Customers want to see things like online class scheduling, digital sign-ups and membership cards, and more. The point of digital marketing is to catch the eye of an ideal customer, get them to engage in your ad, and visit your website. If your ideal customer finds their way to your webpage, and is blown away impressed with the ease of use, loading speeds, and options of offered online details of your gym, the chances of them signing up and visiting in person is much higher than a plain website with little to no features.

Some of the highest performing gyms these days even offer an app for customers’ phones, taking their digital experience to the next level. Marketing and website design go hand in hand when it comes to building a reputable brand and measurable growth. 

The Power of Social Media 

You know it, and love it or hate it, chances are you use it daily. Social media, the unlimited black hole of potential for engagement, conversions, and repeat customers. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or one of many others, millions of people spend their free time scrolling the screens of these social media sites every day. Having a presence for your business on these platforms can be a game-changer for engagement and conversion rates. If you are able to successfully build a following on any one of these (if not more than one) websites, it builds name recognition, reputation, and branding all in one.

Mastering social media can have extreme benefits for your business, and in the case of gyms or fitness centers, can translate into more sign-ups and daily visitors. It is very common these days for people to search for Facebook or Instagram when they are looking for new businesses to visit like hair and nail salons, tattoo artists, and gyms. Consumers have a highly positive response to businesses with a strong presence on social media and tend to think of these businesses as more personable and reachable than those who are social media silent. The use of social media can also bring you closer to your target market, and give them an easier way to find and engage with your content. Marketing on social media is one of the fastest-growing markets out there, because of the sheer number of people you are able to reach with a small amount of investment and effort.

Content on social media for fitness centers can be extremely versatile, and the tone of your content is what will draw your target market. Marketing agencies are well versed in the techniques of conquering social media and can build the empire needed to grow your traffic and sales. 


With all of this being said, it is easy to see how powerful a digital marketing agency can be for a business. Identifying the target market, then developing a strategy to communicate with the market in a way that turns visitors into clients. Are you ready to start your next big move into the marketing realm? Engage with Spartan today and let us help you succeed.

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