How to use Digital Marketing to Help with Tourism in Your City

Dec 27, 2020

Let’s face it, the most effective advertisement methods have changed over the years. TV and radio ads used to be where it was at for getting the word out about your city or state, and how nice it is to visit. Many places depend on tourism for their economies to continue functioning, and cities like Tuscon, San Diego, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Orlando are included in cities that need a good deal of tourism to keep them afloat. Fortunately, digital marketing in tourism is very easy to get set up and is also a very, very effective way of getting the word out.

What is Digital Marketing?

For those of us that are unfamiliar with the phrase, whether they’ve been living under a rock or didn’t know what this particular form of marketing is called, it’s the method of marking that utilizes online resources for advertising. Digital marketing includes sidebar ads, video ads, google ads, and even utilizing social media accounts and search engine optimization to help make your tourism campaign more visible to the public. Many people every day use some form of technology to access the internet, whether it’s computers, tablets, smartphones, or even their smart speakers and that’s why this method is particularly effective. 

Digital Marketing and You

Digital marketing is a very powerful tool for any tourism advertisement campaign, and there are a few easy ways to get started. Many people consider hiring a digital marketing firm to help with this, or even hire more specific companies to help with specific tasks. This can include hiring a search engine optimization or SEO company to help them get higher rankings in search results, or content creators to help them have more content on the internet. For the rest of this article, we’re going to be going over useful tips for digital marketing to help you get on the right path.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

There are many social media platforms that are the perfect place to host your tourism campaign. One such platform that immediately comes to mind as exceptionally useful for getting the word your potential base is Instagram. Instagram is a site where all posts must contain a picture or video and you can add captions and hashtags to help get them seen by people searching for pictures from specific categories. Instagram is a haven for people that like to flaunt their vacation pictures and lunch pictures, so having a good Instagram account with your own hashtags can be a good way to get free publicity. This isn’t the only site that you should look into, but it is a great place to start being that it’s entirely based on posting pictures and videos.

Use Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the hot new phrase that we’re sure you’ve seen pop up multiple times while you’ve been researching how to make your tourism campaign really pop. SEO is the process of undergoing multiple methods to get your website to the top of the search results for specific keywords. This is a great way to get more organic traffic to your website, and many people agree that organic leads that come to you are most commonly the highest quality leads. This is a great tool to use to help get your tourism campaign to shine above the rest, and while it can take some time in the vast majority of cases you can expect to see a return on investment.

Create Captivating Content

Content includes any written text, pictures, and videos. It’s often considered a good idea to maintain a theme or story of some sort throughout it. The content that your marketing campaign produces is an excellent chance to showcase the charm and spirit of your destination. Many people would suggest using your content to make your destination feel larger than life. Choose the kind of feeling you want to be associated with, then choose the words to evoke that feeling. Just make sure not to use phrases that are commonly used or you could run the risk of just blending in with every other city or town trying to get more visitors. This includes using the words adventure, unique, explore, best-kept secret, the list goes on. This is a task that takes some creativity and maybe one that is a good idea to hire someone to help with but at the very least requires some research to make sure that you aren’t using a cliche that will make your destination come off as lackluster.

Hone in on Your Target Audience and Locals

The best way for your campaign to be effective is to make sure that your campaign is seen by those who are looking for you. This can be accomplished with SEO and also pay-per-click ads. Locals may also be good people to target. While long-distance travelers bring in a lot of money, day-trippers are also an important market and are more likely to take spontaneous trips. They may not be as likely to spend as much on hotels, but there’s a good chance that they’ll be showing up with money for food, entertainment, and maybe even souvenirs. A two to six hour trip isn’t that long for someone that just needs a little change of scenery and to get away from their own town for a breather. 

Make Your Tourism Marking Campaign Really Pop

When people are looking for their next destination, whether it’s cross country or a few hours drive, they want something that they feel will help them escape the humdrum of their everyday life. If your tourism campaign really pops and evokes the right feelings for tourists, they’ll likely come in flocks. It’s good practice to make sure you avoid any tourism cliches so you don’t come off just like every other “unique” city in the world. A good, captivating, creative ad campaign will make your destination come off as a truly unique gem for anyone looking for the perfect getaway to spend all of their vacation hours at.  

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