Reasons why it may be a Good Idea to Outsource Your SEO

Jan 25, 2021

Search engine optimization is a complicated process, as we all know. Everyone wants to pop up at the top spot of the search results. The sooner you appear in search results, the more likely it is for customers to click on your website. It’s commonly known that most people don’t bother checking past the fifth search result, so appearing as high as you can in the search results is a good strategy to increase your sales. So why not find an outsource SEO company? There are many reasons why it’s a good idea, and today we’re going to go over a few of them.

Outsourcing Your SEO can Save you Time

SEO is very, very complicated. The methods and strategies vary, but even the simplest strategy can take a good deal of time. By hiring an SEO company to do it for you, that saves you all of the time it would take for you to do it yourself, or to have your own employees do it. This saves both you and your staff valuable time that could be spent doing more critical functions, such as marketing, customer relations, or even sales strategy meetings. Time is one resource that seemingly no one has enough of, and many people consider time to be as valuable as money so saving a good deal of time on your SEO campaign can help you get ahead quicker.

Having a Team of SEO Specialists on Your Payroll

By outsourcing your SEO to an SEO company, you’re essentially doing the same thing as hiring a team of professionals that specialize in SEO. With the complicated nature of such a task, having people around that know exactly what works and how to get you as close as possible to the top spot is invaluable. It’s likely that these specialists have run multiple campaigns, so they already know what works and what doesn’t. In a way, their expertise saves you even more time by allowing you to bypass the lengthy trial and error period that SEO has. Because it’s such a complicated process and the algorithms for search engines are constantly changing you don’t get any kind of instant feedback. It can take days or even weeks to see if what you’re doing is working. SEO professionals often no longer need that feedback because they already know instinctively what works and what doesn’t.

Padding the Chances of Success

Every business wants to make sure that their investments pay off. Especially when they have to pour a lot of time or money into it because those are two resources that are arguably the most limited resources available to just about any business. Because you would be outsourcing your SEO tasks to a company that specializes in these functions, you’re able to pad the chances of your business coming out on top of the search results. Again, the higher you appear in the search results the more visitors you’re likely to see. The higher number of organic visitors you get, the higher the odds are that you’ll see a high conversion rate, and as well all know, a higher conversion rate directly equates to more money in your company’s bank account.

Get Strategies Made to Help Your Company from the Ground Up 

There are many, many factors that go into what search engines decide is important. The biggest thing that they’re looking for is relevance and any good SEO professional is well aware of this fact. Knowing this, they’ll be able to look at your online presence from the ground up and let you know everything that might be hindering you from getting to the top of the search results. This isn’t something that pay per click advertisements, for instance, will be able to help you with. This is especially helpful with websites, as in many cases customers are looking for the same thing that search engines are. Useful, relevant information, and ease of navigation. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and search up anything and look at the first few search results. Notice how their website looks appealing, easy to navigate, and has relevant information? That’s by design. The end goal of search engines is to show the most useful, relevant links first, then work their way down in terms of relevancy. That’s a big part of the reason why most people don’t even bother looking past the first page of search results. 

An Argument Against Hiring an SEO Company

While there are many positives to hiring an SEO company to take care of search engine optimization for you, it’s important to look at the drawbacks involved. Firstly, SEO campaigns can be expensive. While you do get what you pay for, and you’re allowing your own employees to prioritize more important tasks, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be spending a lot of money on this process. A solid SEO campaign takes a lot of man-hours whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a company to do it for you. 

An SEO company won’t be able to get you instant results in the vast majority of cases. It can be a long process, and the length depends entirely on the nature of your business and how far you need your reach to be. An auto mechanic in Walla Walla, Washington won’t need as much reach as a produce subscription service that operates nationwide, and it’s likely that their timeframes and strategies would look entirely different.

Outsourcing Your SEO is Generally Your Best Bet

Regardless of the nature of your business, if you want to be sure that you’ll be able to show up higher in the search results outsourcing your SEO to a company full of specialists is your best bet. Regardless of how you go about your SEO campaign, it’s going to be expensive both with time and money, so hiring professionals that know what they are doing is the best way to make sure that you see your return on investment. 

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