SEO Periodic Table 2019 – How SEO has Become a Science Over the Years

Oct 22, 2019

Each year, Search Engine Journal releases the updated periodic table for SEO. Yes, SEO is so complicated that even those of us that are considered “experts” in this field need a periodic table to try to keep track of all the components.

Want to know the crazy thing about the SEO Periodic Chart?

Our chart changes not only every year, but really every day. Google is estimated to make more than 300 changes daily to the complex algorithm that determines search results. Google also makes an average of 4 core changes per year (these are the dreaded updates that tank your organic traffic for a few weeks each year).

What is most important in this year’s SEO chart?

Creating content that answers questions about your products or services. When a very simple question is asked in search, like “What are the Top French Skincare Products?” Google is going to respond with a single result that provides the most comprehensive answer and overview to that question. How well your website answers this question, how many times people have asked this question, how many different websites refer to your answer to this question and how long they stay on your website to read the answer to this question, are all factors that help your page climb the search engine rank.

We approach this content strategy in a very simple matter.

By talking to your sales team.

What are the answers to all the questions they get asked? Many times, we work with the top-level management of a company instead of the front lines. The first thing we ask when developing content, is let us talk to your best salespeople.

A round table with the sales team is a crucial component to building great content. This round table also needs to be done on a regular basis – we suggest quarterly.

Long gone are the days of a simple paragraph with an image next to it. Build content on your site that addresses the main solution that your product or service provides.

For example:

Here is an excellent result that provides not only the answer to my question but shows me what products will help me solve my problem. The problem – How do I trim a rose bush?

When I go to what Google is suggesting is the best article they are naturally trying to sell me all of the tools that are necessary to trim the rose bush.

Creating a customer journey with less than 2 clicks…from a Google search to information to purchase.

Seems easy enough.

Well, there are many ways to map a buyer’s journey online, the easiest and most successful maps solve the problem presented, create authority as well as trust in less than two minutes and make the purchase process extremely streamlined.

After all, the process of creating a periodic table for SEO seems logical as we read each element. We have worked with entire departments dedicated to a single element on this chart. Here is the entire SEO report as well as the table for you to read.

I wouldn’t bother memorizing this one like you had to in high school science, because it is going to change in 3 months anyway.

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