Spartan Letter to Clients

Mar 19, 2020

With the current health situation saturating the internet, we’d like to take a moment to update you on how we plan to support your business.

We are Spartan, and our brand reflects not only our expertise in our field but our unwavering commitment and loyalty to our customers. Your business and success are important to us regardless of whether we are in times of plenty or times of scarcity.

We are closely monitoring all accounts to ensure each is optimized for excellence in performance. In addition, we can help you investigate new outlooks this shift in the market affords your business. We’re calm and confident in our ability to help you stay focused and take advantage of future market opportunities.

Here’s the opportunity:

Consumers connect to a brand and at the end of the day, they buy a product. What this means is consumers change – brands have to adapt.

Your competitors who may have been stiff competition for you yesterday, may not be focusing on marketing right now.  It is the old “out of sight, out of mind” argument. Now is the time to position your business to take advantage of traditionally slow responsiveness to market swings. It is the perfect time to differentiate and dominate.

#1. Keep selling!  With retailers closing and/or limiting hours, your website needs to show up ahead of your competitor as well as bag the sale.  How’s your Customer Journey?

Amazon is! We are NOT seeing Amazon taking a hit – in contrast, sales are especially strong for them.

#2. It’s time to experiment with marketing, it’s not time to stop marketing. What we were doing a month ago or a week ago isn’t necessarily appropriate today. It’s imperative that we re-evaluate, experiment, and optimize everything from ad copy to keywords, budgets, website messaging, photography, and tone.

By necessity, we can discover new ways of operating that are better and more efficient than the old ways.  Remember, Forest Gump was the only Shrimp boat after the hurricane!  For more on this read this article on Online marketing during the Coronavirus:

#3. At Spartan, working remotely is how we operate and how we’ve been able to offer our services at a better value because we don’t have the overhead that comes from a brick and mortar location. Our primary focus has always been SEO, however, we have the resources to implement website edits, website maintenance, and high-quality website content that has always been shelved because we have all been too busy working with customers!  We are offering a discounted rate on all website edits of $30 an hour throughout the Coronavirus social distancing that we are all experiencing  – our rate is normally $45 an hour, so this can be an excellent opportunity to fix all those things about your website that may not be working correctly.

#4. We’re focused on gratitude. This means paying attention to what we have versus what we don’t and appreciating all of the incredible resources, strengths, knowledge, relationships, and expertise we have to draw on. For one, we appreciate our partnership with you and we are looking forward to the huge advantage this will give us when this is all over – especially in the organic search market. 

#5. There is much talk about a government push for the economy and we are keeping our eyes and google searches open to any news we hear on this front to help your business during this time.  This is a great resource from SBA, and funding is hopefully around the corner!

#6. We’re making ourselves available for calls/virtual meetings to collaborate with our partners, clients, and prospects on how to make the MOST out of this current situation and to stay ahead. Want to chat? Call me directly at 210-260-7036 or reach out to [email protected] to get a meeting scheduled with your Account Manager.

Wishing you continued good health and success. 

The Spartan Team

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