Take Your Nonprofit To The Next Level with Digital Marketing

Nov 20, 2020

Nonprofit businesses are the selfless, social-reaching businesses in our world, and usually only exist for the goal of bettering other people’s lives. Rather than starting a business for self-enrichment, nonprofits center their entire business model around reaching their communities and benefiting other people. Running any kind of business is a busy and overwhelming balancing game of countless moving parts that all need constant attention to ensure they are all running smoothly and effectively.

Marketing is just one aspect of these moving parts and can make or break the success of your business. Nonprofit businesses might overlook the marketing facet of their business model because usually marketing is regarded as a way to boost sales and profit margins. However, nonprofits’ missions typically include impacting as many people as possible to share a message, receive donations, and attract those that they have set out to help. An experienced digital marketing agency for nonprofits can help increase the reach and engagement of a not for profit business or institution, taking the success of your nonprofit to the next level. 

Increase Digital Reach and Engagement 

Because the goals of a nonprofit differ from a typical sales-oriented business, the marketing focus is heavier on reach and engagement instead of conversions and sales. The road to a highly reputable brand includes a far reach and building name recognition and trust among the community. No matter what the mission of your nonprofit is, the more people you are able to reach and have engaged in your website or storefront, the more recognizable your business will become. There are many strategies proven tried and true to increase reach and engagement, including blogs, websites, and social media. Let’s look a little deeper into each of these strategies. 

  • Blogging; Launching and running a blog is a great idea for a nonprofit of any size and mission. Blogs give you the opportunity to shed light on who you are as a company, give advice or suggestions, and most importantly reach and interact with your community. Blogs have a unique feature of allowing comments and direct interaction of those who you have reached and want to engage in your content. Using a professional marketing agency can create a content calendar, laying out exactly what blogs should go out when, and why. Carefully curating them to return a far reach and large amounts of engagement, ensuring your blogging efforts don’t fall on deaf ears. Blogs are a strong tool to have in your marketing belt, and when managed effectively can have huge benefits for your business. 
  • Website; as the world we live in continues to move in a digital direction, a huge weight of your business success and reputation lies in the quality of your website. Most internet users are able to form a lasting impression of your business within a fraction of a second of landing on your webpage, and things like slow loading speeds and low-quality user experience can break your reputation with potential investors or partners in a snap. Keeping your website up to date, well maintained, and working to its full potential is yet another aspect of the balancing game of running a successful business, so why not delegate it to a professional? Marketing agencies are well versed in the vital necessities of a state of the art website and know just how important it is to have a great user experience once your reached consumers get to your landing page. There are other aspects to your website that can either help or hinder your reach, such as compatibility with SEO (search engine optimization). SEO basically uses the vast audience of search engines like Google, and carefully curated keywords for your business, to enhance your businesses’ position in search results, bringing a farther reach and more clicks and engagement. Ensuring your website is compatible with this marketing technique is imperative for growth, and experienced marketing agencies know exactly how to bring your website up to par. A well-maintained website is one of the best things you can do to build a recognizable brand and spread your mission to anyone who comes upon it. 
  • Social Media; If there is a sure-fire way to build a brand with a remote and local following, its social media. Millions of people, probably including yourself, use more than one social media site every single day. Social media has changed the marketing game and brings the conversation and engagement with any company right to the eyes and hands of the audience. More than ever before, building a strong presence and reputation on social media can have strong benefits for any business, but especially a nonprofit. Social media allows you to spread your mission, engage in those you seek to help, and reach potential investors all in one place. The use of social media websites themselves is free, however, a powerful marketing campaign with planned, targeted content will make the most of these platforms. 

Planning, Coordination, and Strategy 

The keys to marketing success are consistency in planning, coordination, and strategy. A clear path to engagement and reach in the form of a curated content calendar, based on market research and deep dives into your target audience’s searching patterns will help get your business to the top of search results and in front of millions of potential investors or recipients. Nonprofits often need a little help in reaching their full potential, spreading their mission, and reaching future partners. With a specially crafted marketing strategy, nothing is out of reach.

Using a trifecta of blogging, a well-maintained website, and a strong social media presence in a planned and coordinated fashion can bring your nonprofit straight to your next partners or investors, and allow them to engage and interact with your content while learning all about who you are and why you have started your nonprofit in the first place. An experienced marketing agency can perfect all aspects of digital marketing and coordinate them into a well oiled, far-reaching, engagement machine, working for the betterment and benefit of your organization. 

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