The Truth About Backlink Automation Software

Sep 28, 2020

Backlink automation software sounds like a terrific way to build backlinks to your site and boost your search engine visibility. However, when it comes to link building and content creation, there is a lot of work behind the scenes that makes it happen. Backlink software companies claim that they can deliver thousands of quality backlinks to your site within minutes if you use their automation software. Is this really how it works? Let’s see.

What Automation Software Claims

In general, backlink automation software provides an easy, quick way to generate content and post it to websites, social media sites, and press releases. All you have to do is type the keywords that you want to use, type the web address that you want to promote, and the software does the rest. Within minutes, you can create an optimized blog and have it posted to hundreds of sites. Sounds easy, right?

That’s not how things work!

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that you successfully submit fifty blogs. Each blog has one or two links to your website. You don’t know who owns these websites and if they are considered safe or not. What if they are not safe sites? Now you have created at least fifty backlinks to your website from websites that are considered dangerous and have been penalized by Google. What do you do?

Why Quality Links Are Important

The search engines are getting smarter and smarter as they evolve. The most popular search engine, Google, has a sophisticated algorithm that processes web queries then produces results in the manner that Google believes is most relevant to the person searching. One of the ways that Google determines how relevant and essential a website is from the number of quality links that point to it. The quality of the links depends on the quality of the website that the link is posted on. If you have links to your site that are from low-quality websites, you will have low-quality search results. You can even get blacklisted from search engine results because of too many links from spammy websites.

Why Quality Content is Important

Well-written, high-quality content is important for several reasons. The main reason is so when people actually read it; they get something out of it. The search engines have a system that records the “bounce rate” of a website. The bounce rate is based on how many visitors to your website bounce to another website within a few seconds. If you have quality content on your site that will keep the visitors there your bounce rate is low. If you have a high bounce rate, you can automatically lose rank in the search engines. 

Another great reason why quality content is important is that, as we discussed earlier, search engines are smart. They can tell how relevant your content is compared to a person’s search query. For instance, you do a Google search about how to rank high in the search engines. The organic results that you get will be from sources that Google believes will give you the best answer. If your content is well-written and answers the question correctly, your page could appear high in the search results.

Automation VS Manual Submission


Although the software program marketers will lead you to believe that the software method is an easy, quick process, this isn’t exactly true. The truth is that you will need either an extra computer to use or a virtual private server (VPS) on your device. The automation process takes hours and utilizes a lot of resources. 

You will not have any control over where your content is posted. You won’t even know what your content will be. Your content will be “spun” from a software program that does not fully understand your unique needs.

 The software is designed to trick CAPTCHA programs into thinking that it is human. 

Manual Submission

Manually submitting your content can take quite a bit of time and a lot of effort. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional digital marketing company to do it for you. When you manually create your backlinks you have the power to place them where you want them and to see the quality of the websites that you are posting on. When you use an SEO service, the team will get your approval and show you where your content is. They will also help you track and manage your submissions.

You don’t have to trick the system in order to get results. When you use white hat SEO tactics, your website will have a better standing with the search engines in the long run.

Your content creation will be original and of high quality instead of “spun” from a list of keywords that you provide. There are key elements that separate your company from other companies and manual content creation can specifically provide your unique details.

Creating Backlinks Yourself

If you are a business owner and you want to promote your site, building backlinks is mandatory. If you have the time to do it, and you have the resources needed you are all set. You will need to create blogs and articles that have relevant keywords and content so that you can link back to your site. You will need to reach out to websites, blogging sites, bloggers, publication websites, and other people so that you can request them to place your content. 

Creating Backlinks with a Digital Marketing Company

The great thing about working with a digital marketing company is that you don’t have to do anything but watch as your website rises in the search results. You provide the team with the unique details of your business, your goals, your brand, and your style. The team works with you and creates high-quality content for your site, reaches out to respected websites with high domain authority, and gets the content posted all within a few days. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You will have a whole team of experts that will help you, guide you, and escort you to the top. If you are ready to take your first steps towards a higher ranking website, engage with Spartan today and let’s do this.

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