Things to Make Sure are Done During Your Website Maintenance

Feb 2, 2021

Website maintenance is arguably the most important part of having a website. If you don’t regularly maintain your website you could have pages loading as errors, broken links, spam comments, and many more issues. These kinds of issues translate directly to losing the trust of your customers, which negatively affects how much trust they have for you. As most of us know, the less a customer trusts you the less likely they are to share their hard-earned money with you. Fortunately, website maintenance is a relatively easy process. Today we’re going to go over a simple website maintenance checklist that you can reference when you’re performing maintenance on your website!

What Needs to be Done Weekly

Not every task needs to be done at the same intervals, and that’s definitely true here. The things you need to check on weekly are:

  • Make sure that every page is loading correctly, and that there are no broken links or 404 errors. These are important for maintaining visitor trust. You always want to be completely sure that your website is navigating exactly the way that you want it to. Fix any errors that you see, and make sure to either remove or redirect the broken links.
  • Make sure that your website is backed up somewhere that isn’t your own website. This ensures that if you run into any fatal issues, you can immediately get your website back up and running to how it was the last time you did your backup. It’s important to do this weekly so you don’t end up with too old of a version of your website. Much like when you’re working on a word document, if something happens you don’t want to be stuck doing too much work you already did.
  • Update any software or plugins that your website uses. This will make sure that your website continues running smoothly with the most up-to-date versions of the software and plugins your website uses.
  • Make sure your forms are working and remove any spam comments. Forms include anything on your website where people input information, so that means your order forms and even your contact us page if you have it set up to send a message through your website. Spam comments fall into this section because the comments on your products are also inputted via a form, so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

What Needs to be Done Monthly

These tasks are still critical but don’t necessarily need to be done as often as the weekly tasks. Checking on these items once a month should be sufficient for the most part.

  • Analyze metrics from the previous month. This will give you a good idea of how many visitors you had as well as your conversion rate, what items are selling well, and which aren’t. This information will help you more accurately adjust your marketing strategy for the current month.
  • Review all of your security scans. You want to be sure that there’s nothing suspicious going on on your website. Staying on top of your security scans at least once a month can help you be sure that you don’t have hackers trying to steal valuable information from your website. Catching a hacker early and closing their back doors can save you a huge headache.
  • Make sure that your website is loading as quickly as it should be. If it’s not, find out what’s slowing your load speeds down and fix it.

Things you Should do Every Three or Four Months

These items are still important, but you can get away with doing them 3 or 4 times a year.

  • Check to see if your website, pop-ups, and calls to action are still designed and structured to the best of their potential. If not, make improvements. 
  • Check your content, i.e. item descriptions, about us section, and any other text and pictures on your website to see if you need to make any updates. 
  • Test run your website on all browsers and as many different devices as you have available. This will make sure that your website is appearing just how you want it to no matter how your visitors are looking at it.
  • Change marketing strategies if necessary. This will make sure that your marketing always comes off as fresh and crisp for your customers.
  • Review your meta titles to see if they need to be updated, changed, or removed. This will make sure that your products are will popping up where you want them to in search results.

Lastly, Yearly Maintenance Items

Just like the rest of these items, these are important but doing them once a year is good enough in the vast majority of cases.

  • The first and most important task for yearly maintenance is to remove any reference to the last year that isn’t relevant. If a promotion starts in December and ends in January it may be acceptable to keep that reference to the last year, but in almost every other case you want to be sure that everything on your website reflects the year change.
  • Ensure that your domain name has been renewed for the new year, if you don’t you can run the risk of losing it and that would cause you a huge headache.
  • Do a deep check on your website for any typos, as well as to see if any emails are excessive and can be removed. While you’re doing this it’s also a good idea to scrutinize your web design so you can decide if it needs to be updated.

Website Maintenance to Make Your Site Run More Smoothly

Website maintenance is essential to making sure that your website is running exactly the way you want it to. Just like how you have to get your car’s oil changed once every few months, you have to make sure that the basic necessities that make sure that your website is running are up to date. Website maintenance will keep your website the way that you like it, and make a consistently appealing experience for your customers and visitors that look through your site for your goods or services.

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