Spartan has helped French Pharmacy grow their organic traffic by more than 520% resulting in over 271% increase in e-commerce revenue.








French Pharmacy came to Spartan in the Spring of 2019. They were launching a new e-commerce website to bring French Pharmacy products to the United States and desperately needed search engine optimization.


Since their domain was brand new, it had no authority, traffic or keywords. Our focus was to get organic search traffic to target this new domain. We also saw the need to improve the user experience on the website to retain customers.


In order to increase organic search, we needed to build high-quality backlinks to the main domain with off-site published articles. We began an active outreach program targeting publication of 50 unique articles. After 3 months of outreach and content writing, we were able to secure 50 high domain authority backlinks. This SEO technique not only increased organic search but also led to direct affiliate sales as well.

Example Content Links:

Link on
Link on
Link on
Link on
Link on


Since starting with Spartan, French Pharmacy’s organic traffic has grown by more than 520%. This has resulted in a revenue increase of over 271% and a growth of 300% in transactions.

“Thank you Spartan for all of your work. We couldn’t do this without you.”

Jerome Salem

French Pharmacy

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