What are the Pros and Cons of SEO?

Nov 28, 2020

Many business owners spend a good deal of time thinking about the best way to help their business get ahead so that their visions can become realities. Multiple industries base their business models entirely around promising you that their services will help put you on the fast track to success, and at the end of the day knowing which services will actually provide the help they say they will. Search engine optimization is no exception to this, and just like anything, there are pros and cons of SEO. Many people do find a decent level of success using SEO to help their business get to the top of search results, but when deciding how you’re going to spend your company’s money you always want to be sure that it’s going to be a good fit.

Let’s start with the Cons.

When being told that someone has good news and bad news, most people opt to hear the bad news first because that lets them end the conversation with the positive news, and for this article, we’re going to take the same approach. 

  1. When using SEO you don’t have any control over who will see your website. Search Engine Optimization can bring you up to the top of search results in many parts of the world, which is a great thing for business but can act as a double-edged sword. If your website isn’t ready for the traffic, or your business isn’t ready for all of the requests that come in it can cause you serious problems. Your website can crash, you can run out of inventory faster than you’re able to restock, your customer service team could become overwhelmed. Some companies find that they are ill-prepared for all of the new traffic, so it’s important to be ready to transition at a moment’s notice to accommodate any new traffic
  2. Search Engine Optimization can take time. Even professionals with years of experience can find challenges in keeping up with how frequently the algorithms change. Many companies will promise you the ability to get you to the top of the search results quickly, and you always have to be sure to question their methods. Efficient, successful SEO takes time and dedication to ensure that all of their efforts are done correctly to ensure that they have the right configuration to allow it to grow.
  3. The level of success a good SEO campaign can bring can, potentially, cause competitors to try and copy your methods. This isn’t always a bad thing, it’s their right to try and achieve success for their business as well. The real issues begin to arise if your competitors try to copy your verbiage word for word. This has the potential to cause real confusion among your customer base and can impact your sales negatively. Another thing they could do, however unlikely, is partake in black hat SEO practices using your domain to get your penalized or even removed from search results. It would take you a very long time to get you back to where you were, but it’s unlikely any company would do this because that energy could be going towards making their own web presence stronger.

And now, for the Pros of SEO.

We made it through the cons of using an SEO for your business, now let’s look at some of the pros that draw in so many businesses and keep the search engine optimization field growing at a healthy rate. 

  1. SEO companies will usually help guide you towards a better website. To get ranked highly on search results, your website has to be user friendly, easy to navigate, and packed with relevant content. Good SEO companies know this and will push you in the right direction. When using services like pay-per-click ads, all they look at is traffic to your ads while neglecting the actual content of your website.
  2. SEO can lead to much more traffic on your website. When your domain comes up higher on search results, more people are likely to visit your website as a result. Most people aren’t going to look past the fifth search result, let alone past the first page. That’s why it’s very important to ensure that your website is configured correctly. People will always click on what they’re looking for, so the sooner they see that your website has what they’re looking for the more likely it is that they’ll click on it.
  3. A good SEO campaign can help you turn more visitors into customers. This is especially important because most people can expect to spend a good deal of money on an SEO campaign, the only real exception being people that are good at doing it themselves. Turning visitors into customers helps you with your bottom line, and can turn your expenses into profits while also expanding your customer base beyond anything that it has been in the past. The easier it is for people to see that your website has what they need, the easier it is for them to become loyal customers.

Using SEO to Achieve Your Business Goals.

Many people every single day look at the pros and cons of using an SEO campaign and decide that it’s worth it for their company. It’s always good to do your research and ask the companies that you’re considering hiring lots of questions to make sure that they are going to be able to make good on their promises and to ensure that they aren’t just pulling your legs. Many companies specialize in making sure that your company ends up on the top of the search results, which can lead to increased traffic, and increased sales. The search engine optimization field is growing every day, and businesses all around the world look to these companies to make sure that they can have their business seen by anyone who’s looking for the goods or services they provide.

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