What Custom SEO Services Can do for Your Business

Nov 8, 2020

Whether you are new to the online business and marketing world or have been managing a digital storefront for years, you are probably no stranger to the term SEO, also known as search engine optimization. But, do you know how powerful a marketing tool it can be if harnessed correctly and used to its full potential? Search engine optimization is one of the single most effective digital marketing techniques you can implement for your business. It can be fully customized and tailored to your business needs and target audience. Utilizing search engine optimization techniques can bolster your traffic and conversion rates, boost your sales, and help build a recognizable and reputable online brand. If your business is unique and has its own way of expressing itself, custom SEO services are a sure-fire way to get right in front of your target market.

  • Generate custom keywords for your business
  • Create campaigns for specific keyphrases
  • Find your niche audience
  • Generate traffic that converts

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization takes advantage of the most visited website on the world wide web, Google. Think about it, when you have a general question, need to find something, or want to learn more about something, where do you turn? Studies show that, on average, Google is visited 63,000 times a second on any given day. That’s a lot of searches! Customized SEO services carefully curate keywords and phrases pertaining to your products and business; that way, when your target audience searches for these keywords, your website will be the landing page they find. This technique also bolsters your websites positioning within Google results, allowing more people to find your business more regularly. The key to success with this technique has to do with the quality of the selected keywords, their relevance, and the amount of competition within them. Hiring a digital marketing agency that is well versed in search engine optimization and all the details that come along with it can be a game-changer for your sales and conversions, and can also help with branding and improving your online image. 

Why it Works

SEO is so successful for online business because of its highly customizable nature and an amazing amount of possible reach. The research that goes into the curation of search engine optimization keywords and phrases has to do with the searching and shopping patterns of any given target market and how to best reach their attention. Keeping a close eye on these shopping patterns is essential, and adapting keywords and phrases to keep them up to date with what your audience is searching for keeps them engaged in your business. Search engine optimization also has such a high level of success because it is fully adaptable to changes in the market, or in your business. Your keywords and phrases can be curated and changed at any time, for example, to draw more traffic around the holidays or to a specific sale. When used to its full potential, SEO can be the difference between a good sales month, and an amazing, record-breaking sales month. Taking full advantage of this marketing technique is possible through using custom SEO services and allowing a seasoned professional to make and maintain this aspect of your marketing. 

Why Customization is Key

As with any digital marketing campaign, it is not a one size fits all kind of deal. Finding the perfect keywords that reach your target audience effectively, and turn a high conversion rate is a process of trial, auditing, and correcting until the best fit is found. Performing audits on your SEO performance is imperative and will show a clear picture of what is working, and more importantly, what isn’t. It will also give an idea of how much competition lies within each created keyword and how likely it is for your audience to find you in that sea of competitors. For example, if your online business is selling customized charm bracelets, and the keyword you chose to use is ‘bracelet.’ This keyword is going to have an insane amount of competition, and it would be vastly more difficult for a customer to find your landing page in a sea of websites selling bracelets. Utilizing an SEO customization professional will give you a leg up on this competition and ensure your website stands out among the sea of choices. In this example, a more experienced SEO marketing professional might use the key phrase ‘custom charm bracelet’, to specifically find your target audience and allow them to find you more easily. The more specific and customized your keywords and phrases are, the higher turn out you will see. An SEO professional is seasoned in keyword curation and will already have a sense of what the competition looks like in different markets, and how to custom curate the best keywords for your business and audience. The power of a finely tuned SEO brings your target audience directly to your landing page, resulting in higher sales and conversions and more repeat customers. 

Why You Should Leave SEO to a Professional 

An effective and profitable SEO is like a good haircut. Sure, we have the power and the option to do it ourselves, but why risk it when there are people who have trained and made their lives work to do this specific job well? You can try your hand at your own SEO, but without the proper experience and expertise, it will be more frustrating and exhausting than it will be successful or even useful. Something all successful business people understand is the power of delegation and allowing professionals to come in and do what they are trained to do. Delegating the intensive and detailed work of keeping up the search engine optimization for your online business is one of the most simple but effective choices you can make. Maintenance and auditing are important aspects of SEO marketing and need constant attention and monitoring. Allowing an experienced professional to take care of this background work will ensure it will be kept up and looked after, making sure it isn’t forgotten about. When running a business, there are already so many moving parts to keep an eye out for, and using custom SEO services gives you one less aspect to worry about. 

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