What is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Do You Need It?

Jul 10, 2019

The first thing you need to know to understand what this article is about is whether or not you even have a conversion rate on your website.

A conversion is an action that you want a person to take when they come to your website.

It can be many things like a phone call, a contact form, a purchase, getting an email option, even getting someone to read a certain page. A cluster of conversions is what marketers call the “buyer journey” which in the end leads them to become a client.

Many websites don’t even have conversions configured correctly in their Google Analytics account.

You would be surprised how many companies I meet with that don’t even a single conversion metric that they are monitoring on their website. I am talking about large companies that make over 25 million a year.

It is what I call ostrich marketing.

The thinking is basically like this…we built a website, we have a phone number and address on it, let’s see what happens. Well, that is like an ostrich sticking their head in the ground hoping to avoid the predator that they sense is near.

Not monitoring conversions on your website is the single most common mistake I run into. Sometimes a company has so much data and pages that are simply too difficult to figure out what makes a customer choose them over a competitor.

This is where Landing Pages come in.

Creating a landing page with a single conversion in mind is one of the go-to strategies for online marketers. We know that if we throw too many decisions at a buyer, they will leave the website confused and jump to a competitor. Also, a landing page needs to make the sale without a “human” touch, it needs to create the same type of emotional connection that a salesperson would make on the phone or in person.

This is where conversion rate optimization comes in.

Recreating the buyer journey online is a constantly shifting strategy. Should you use a video? Should you ask a question after they read a certain part of the page? Do we give them a discount right away or wait until they try to leave the website? Does the headline solve the problem that led them to the website in the first place? Is the information they are looking for easy to find and less than two clicks away?

All of these are conversion rate optimization questions, however, there is so much more to it than that.

A true conversion rate optimizer is a geek when it comes to analytics. That is all we do and all we look at. What does the data tell us and knowing how to decipher that data to make changes to the website or landing page is the single most important strategy in using a website to generate leads and sales.

A website is a powerful lead generation tool that can be used to reach your potential clients but long gone are the days of a website simply being an online business card. A website needs to be changed on a regular basis to determine its ability to convert visitors into sales. It takes working with someone that understands Google Analytics data and can help your web developer initiate tests and changes that are continually focusing on increasing your conversion rate.

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