What is SEO

Jul 10, 2019

The Internet is a wonderful resource that unlocks boundless information with a few keystrokes. Fill in a topic for any search engine and numberless pages of topic-specific websites will overwhelm a computer screen. Limitless information lets modern society learn, shop, discuss and socialize anywhere there is a wireless signal.

The World Wide Web is a considerable revenue-generating juggernaut, providing goods and services to be purchased 24 hours a day with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger. Sadly, for every popular business raking in the money, there are many more businesses with comparable products and services that languish like broken down vehicles on the shoulder of the information superhighway. How can a business compete and win customers when the web is overflowing with the competition? Three words: Search Engine Optimization.

what is seo

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of making a website more visible in a search engine’s unpaid, “natural” or “organic,” search results. SEO uses website analysis, knowledge of how search engines calculate results, and factor in the most popular keywords and search phrases to compile a plan to help business based websites move further up the results list on a search engine. The further the website moves up the Google, Yahoo, or Bing results page, the more traffic the website receives. More traffic translates into higher sales.

In plainer terms; say there is a great local mechanic shop with steady business, but the owner wants to expand and generate more business from its’ website. If the website is coming up on the fourth or fifth page of a search engine query, then web traffic will be minimal and growth is not achieved. The owner decides to hire an SEO company to help steer potential customers to the website.

The website is analyzed and the number of web searches, with corresponding keywords, that end up at the company website are noted. The website content is evaluated to show strengths and weaknesses. Content is added to the website in the form of page re-writes to include key search phrases, and/or business-specific bogs/articles that utilize high traffic keywords and links. One of the best content philosophies for search engines can be found here. Website coding will be reviewed and changed to increase website efficiency and help direct web traffic. A social media campaign is started or remodeled to further promote the shop with accompanying hashtags and links to the website.

Once all this work is done, the website is monitored for traffic. All the work pays off as search engine analysis shows the mechanic’s website continuously moving higher on the results page. More visibility leads to more traffic and more sales.

This is just a brief overview of SEO and the positive effect it has on business websites and internet-based businesses. A business owner takes a huge leap by putting their trust in a complicated process, but in the end, this leap will pay off with higher traffic to their website and more revenue. SEO doesn’t just help a business grow, it helps it thrive, succeed and conquer.

As the owner and founder of Spartan Websites, I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of companies over the last 15 years to turn their online marketing to a lead generating machine. During the Social WOW Factor Cruise for 2016, I plan to show every attendee free and effective way to make the search engines pay attention to their content and their offerings.

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