When It’s Time For SEO Expert Services

Mar 16, 2021

It might seem like you could save yourself some money if you did your search engine optimization strategy yourself. The problem that many non-experts run into is that there is a bit of science behind effective SEO. After several months of trial and error, they still have no visibility in the search engines, and they have no idea why. Doing your own SEO could waste more time than you might think.  In fact, SEO expert services could actually save you more money than doing it yourself in the long run. Don’t believe it? Read on.

Understanding Search Engines

There are several search engines out there on the World Wide Web. Some are much more powerful than others. Google and Bing are among the top contenders for the number of searches that are done in a day, but Google stands way above the rest.

Whenever a person types in a query in a search engine, millions of occurrences take place within a fraction of a second. Out of the possibility of trillions of websites that are available on the internet, the search engine will narrow down the best possible top results almost instantly. In order for your website to be among the top 10 out of trillions of sites, you have to put in some work. You have to provide the search engines with relevant, quality information that is perfectly structured on your pages.

Say, for instance, you own a tree trimming company alongside a thousand other tree trimming companies in your area. Imagine that the rest of the companies have websites as well and that you are all competing for a spot at the top of the search results. What will make you appear higher in the results than the rest of them? The answer to that might take you several years to learn. That is why it might save you time and money to hire an expert before you try to tackle it on your own. You have to know how to build an environment that is optimal for high-ranking search results.

Creating a Results-Driven Environment

In order for a website to become dominant in the search results a number of elements must be put into place. When the search engines look for quality answers to provide users they look for content that is going to best answer whatever the query is. They also look for factors that could verify the validity of the content. Your website could have the greatest and most informative content ever written in the history of mankind, but if it doesn’t appear to be valid, it could be passed right up.

An SEO expert will know how to build the authority of your website up to be considered a viable and trusted source of information. Building domain authority takes a lot of time and a lot of work. However, it is completely necessary to build your website’s domain authority in order to increase search engine visibility. The only way to build your website’s domain authority is to build backlinks from high domain authority sites that point to yours.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a term that describes the amount of authority that your website has on the internet. The more your website has backlinks coming from respectable sites with high domain authority, the more important it appears to the search engines. When search engines have tons of competition in line for the best results, they will look for domain authority in order to choose what result is best for the question.

Building Quality Backlinks

In order to achieve a respectable domain authority, you have to have tons of high-quality backlinks. Building quality backlinks is not an easy task. At one point in time, you could simply pay somebody to place thousands of backlinks all over the internet and you would be good. Google put its foot down about this and now things are different. The way to build backlinks is to build relationships with other high-quality websites and place, blogs, articles, or press releases on those websites. The blogs have to have quality content that is relevant to the keywords that you want to link to your site. 

When artificial intelligence looks for substantial answers to a query, it looks for relevant content that backs up the content that it will provide the user. If there are tons of high-quality links that are embedded in high-quality content pointing back to your website, your website looks like a great place to point to for answers.

The Problem With Toxic Backlinks

Although having tons of high-quality links to your site is great, toxic links can cause a lot of problems. The concept of having links to your site from trusted, respectable sites that make you look good, remains the same as if you have links from untrustworthy, spammy websites. Good websites make you look good, bad websites make you look bad. It is kind of like the kind of people that you hang around with can give you a good reputation, or a bad one. An SEO expert will be able to differentiate high-quality links, from poor links and ensure that each link that points to your site is from a great source.

Technical SEO

We talked a little about having perfectly structured web pages on your website. This is where the technical SEO comes in. The font of your website, where people see is only the outside. Underneath the nice-looking pictures and text, there is a bunch of code and directions that tell the web browsers how to display your data in a way that humans understand. It is within this code that the search engines can tell much more about your site than meets the eye.

The titles, headers, metadata, and text all have to be constructed in a way that makes sense to the search engines. The titles tell the search engines what the page is about. The headers keep the conversation going and tell the search engine what the content is about. The metadata tells the search engines various details that can affect the way that your website is presented in a search result. The very text on your website tells the search engines the fine details about what your page is describing.

Web developers go to schools and learn how to write technical coding data for years. Search engine experts learn how to read that data and manipulate it so that it renders the highest yield in search engine results. If you don’t know how to properly structure your website on your own, you may never see your website in search results.

Hiring an SEO Expert

Not all SEO expert services are created equally. When it is time for you to find the one that will benefit you the most, don’t be shy. Ask for results. See what they have done for other people that have sought their assistance. The one thing about SEO is that when it is done right, the results speak for themselves. You can’t fake it. Spartan Websites has a proven track record for some big companies with big money. If you want to get on the winning team and make your own money, engage with Spartan today, and get started.

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