Why Content Marketing for Accountants is Important

Dec 3, 2020

Content marketing for accountants is an effective way to pinpoint keywords and phrases formulated explicitly for a unique accounting business. High-quality content that is written in a fashion that engages a prospective client and generates visibility in the search engines is golden. There is a lot of competition out there for accounting firms, so the more power that your business has in search engine visibility, the more you will be present on the web when people search for your services.

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, you need to get one quick. Although social media and business promoting platforms are great, a website can distinctly identify you, what you do, and how you are the best choice.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the power of websites, blogs, and press releases to direct attention towards a business website. Although content marketing is a form of digital marketing, it goes beyond placing ads and sharing posts. The science behind content marketing is that a writer creates and develops a story or an interesting collection of facts that all point links with keywords to the website. When the content is engaging, it helps to add to the power of the strategy by gaining the attention of readers and directing them towards the end goal, which is signing up for services or buying a product.

Why is Content Marketing for Accountants Important?

The rules and laws that an accountant has to be aware of continue to change and morph on a continual basis. The people that are looking for accounting services want answers. They want to know that the accountant that they choose is going to save them money and keep them out of trouble with the government. With a constant stream of updates, answered questions, and quality articles that are relevant to the current times in place people have a place to go when seeking help. The best part of that is that each article and discussion that take place will have a direct link to your site and services. Relevant content, inbound links, and quality information are all part of the recipe that delivers effective search engine optimization.

The Way Content Marketing Works

There are many ways that effective content marketing can make an impact on search rank and conversion rates. However, when you strategize the way that you want your methods to work, there are two main things to consider.

On-site content will be content that is placed on pages or blogs that are hosted on your website. This is where the writer creates content that will attract attention to the page that the content is on, with some internal links to other pages of the site and some external links that will be in place to validate some piece of the content. For example, if your article is about current tax rates in a specific state, there will be a link embedded to a website that will further educate the reader about the topic. You never link to competitors, only to valid sources that can supplement the information that you are providing.

Off-site content is carefully crafted content that gets placed on other websites in order to direct traffic to yours. With this strategy, a creative blogger will write anywhere between 700 and 2,000-word blogs with keywords that backlink to your site from websites that have a good reputation on the world wide web. These blogs are written specifically to answer questions, provide knowledge, and make your website look incredibly important to search engines. Off-site content building is essential when it comes to building an online presence and obtaining organic results in the search engines.

Is Social Media Marketing the Same?

Although social media marketing can be effective if done correctly,  it is not the same as content marketing. Social media is usually posts and updates that get added to a social media platform. However, it is very rare for a social media post to come up in a search engine result. Your business social media page may come up in results if you search your business name, but if you search for keywords, you won’t show up. Blog posts and web pages that have been structured and optimized to specifically provide information on a keyword or key phrase will show up in the search engines. The fact that they will show up in searches gives them a greater chance of making their way to the top of the search engines. When you have a plethora of blog posts and web pages available that have quality content for the search engines to find, you have much better odds of showing up.

Different Types of Content

As technology continues to evolve and the world follows along, waiting for the next great thing, more and more types of content are coming into the limelight. Content itself can be anything that is present within a web page or article. It is what the people see when they visit the page. Content can be pictures, videos, music, words, or a combination of them all. The type of content that shows up in search results, however, is code and text. When videos and images show up in search results, it is because there is text attached to them. Images have an alternate text tag that search engines find. Videos have titles and descriptions that the search engines find. The search engines are getting much smarter, and nowadays, videos can come with an automated transcription of the audio that it contains so that the words in the video are accompanied by text. This way, the search results can produce snippets of the video that have keywords in it. For the time being, text is king, but the future may shift towards sounds extracted from media to form words that search engines use to generate results.

Professional Content Marketing

When it comes to professional content marketing, Spartan Websites is a company with a team of professionals that provide proven results. When you are ready to step onto the marketing battlefield, be sure that you have enough firepower to destroy the competition and stay on top. Let us help you get there and engage with us today.

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