Why Monthly SEO Packages are a Smart Choice

Nov 25, 2020

There are a lot of internet marketing companies out there that offer monthly SEO packages. Some of these companies really know what they are doing, and some don’t even have a clue. The truth is that when it comes to search engine optimization, there are no guarantees, and there is no way that anybody can legitimately promise you that they will get your website at the top of the search engines. However, if you hire the right company, they will know how to create an environment for your website that will drastically increase your odds of becoming extremely visible on all of the major search engines. The key is that they will have to know what they are doing, and you will have to have a little faith in their skills. Strong SEO comes from consistent work over a period of time. There are no shortcuts when it comes to organic search results, but, the payoff, in the end, is enormous. 

SEO Improves Over Time

There is no one-stop-shop, and you’re done when it comes to dominating the search results. Especially if there is a lot of competition for your keywords. From the beginning of your quest until long after the first time that you see results, there is a constant process going on in the background. This process helps you reach visibility and keeps you there. This is why it is imperative that you have an ongoing team of professionals working on your website’s search performance. Everything from your domain name, the structure of your website, the wording of your content, and where you place your blogs makes a difference. If your website seems like it isn’t important to the search engines, they will leave you out of their results. If you have a well-structured website that has fresh, quality content on it, you will look very important.

Building Quality Content

Regardless of what type of business you have, you need content on your website that talks about it. This is how it all works. Google and other search engines crawl the web for descriptive and useful information to provide searchers with high-quality results. If you have a business that sells buttons, you would want to provide as much high-quality information about buttons as possible. You might think that it is impossible to engage people with a conversation about the difference between shank buttons and toggle buttons but think again. Somewhere somebody is out there searching the internet for the correct buttons, and if you provide them with answers, there is a good chance that your content will appear in their search results. This is where the importance of content plays a huge role. Search engines don’t look for pictures; they look for descriptive text. From the alt tags of your images to the fine details on each of your pages, every little thing becomes an opportunity for your website to be a useful piece in somebody else’s puzzle. The great thing about having a monthly SEO package in place is that if you have a quality package, you will have content creation built right into your subscription, and you won’t even have to worry about it. 

Building Quality Backlinks

There was a time when building backlinks was not such a big deal. You could pay somebody to place links to your site all over the world. The more links pointed to your site, the higher you would be in the search engines. It does not work that way anymore. Building links is much more than posting a link to your site from another site. It takes time and resources to build good, high-quality backlinks from websites that have a good name with the search engines. Google and the rest of the major search engines got smarter and began cracking down on shady SEO methods. Google, in particular, will penalize websites that seem spammy or low-quality. If your website has a  bunch of links from spammy or low-quality websites, your website looks like a spammy, low-quality website to Google. It is all about who you associate with within the eyes of the search engines. This is a simple way of putting it, but it pretty much sums it up. The links that point back to your website need to be from respectable domains that have been established and have some domain authority. The way this is done is by having a team of professionals that have the contacts and the know-how to create quality content with keywords that point to your domain and post it on other websites that have higher domain authority. It is time-consuming, and a lot of work, but it is an essential ingredient in the recipe that will produce results.

What it Takes To Succeed

You can spend thousands of dollars a day to promote your website online with marketing ads and other means, or you can hire a trusted company that will take the steps necessary in order for you to become as successful as you want to be. The difference between pay per click ads and organic search results is pretty simple. Pay per click ads cost money every time somebody clicks on the ad. Bots can come and click the ads over and over again, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. Organic search results are built over time and cost much less than pay per click ads. When organic search results dominate the search results, they typically stay around for a while if you continue to maintain the process. The recipe for domination search results is made up of:

When you consistently provide your website with the recipe items listed above, you build your web presence and dominance. After some time and a lot of hard work, you will see the results and be glad you invested in your business’s future.

Spartan Websites Monthly SEO Packages

If you are ready to take the next steps towards dominating the search engines and getting your business seen all over the planet, we are here to help. We have packages that can fit your budget and a team of professionals ready to go into battle right alongside you. Bring out the big guns and engage with Spartan today.

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